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Professional Grade Formulas for
Health, Maintenance, Competition and Recovery

Equine Science Solutions has developed products that help to enhance equine health, maintenance and performance by combining all natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs that will activate the body to heal itself. The result is high performance health for horses.
Long lasting Nitric Oxide is the secret to creating incredible results. Our formulas trigger the production of Nitric Oxide, which triggers the body to heal itself.
Nitric Oxide helps to:
Equine Science Solutions + Alleviate various forms of pain, arthritis and ailments
+ Improve blood circulation and cardiovascular health
+ Increase endurance levels and performance
+ Improve immune system and combats toxins
+ Encourage bones and wounds to repair
+ Aid the body in healing ulcers fast
+ Decrease post-surgery healing time
This unique technology separates us from all other products and is the new gold standard for providing optimum health and recovery.

What Professional Grade Formulas Gives Your Horse

Our PRO Formulas are Professional Grade Formulas that provide the essential support for a healthy athletic horse. Our unique PRO technology separates us from all other products and is becoming the new gold standard for providing optimum health. As a result, these safe and effective formulas are being used by owners, veterinarians and trainers nationwide, they are quickly becoming the main stay of the most successful stables.
Here are some of the results that owners got by using our Professional Grade Formulas:
Equine Science Solutions 10 Equine Eclipse Champions
Horse of the Year 2015 “American Pharoah”
Horse of the Year 2014 “California Chrome”
13 Breeders Cup World Championship Wins
3 of those wins were the last 3 Classic Winners
3 Kentucky Derby Winners
3 Preakness Stakes Winners
1 Belmont Stakes Winner
1 Triple Crown Winner, the first in 37 years!
429 Graded Stakes Winners
133 Grade 1 Stakes Winners
171 Grade 2 Stakes Winners
125 Grade 3 Stakes Winners
Hundreds of Non-Graded Stakes Winners
More than 9,000 Winners

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Formulas for Riders and their Dogs

Nitric Oxide is produced in the body of all mammals to aid in healing and to maintaining performance levels. We also formulate formulas intended to trigger the same results in people and dogs.

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