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Equine Science Solutions Ph/Fax: 888-917-8565
Email: info@equinesciencesolutions.com

Everyone in this company is passionate about health!  We’ve been hurt and sick and survived.   We’ve tried the traditional medicals, the herbals and the old brews.  It all came down to one thing, how we can activate the body to heal itself!?!  If you want High Performance Health for your horse, yourself, your family and your friends, these are some facts you must know:

Nitric Oxide deficiency can contribute to nearly every major disease of our times.  Though you may not have heard of Nitric Oxide, scientific research from around the world has demonstrated that it is one of the most significant molecules in the body crucial to creating total health and well-being. Our products were created to increase the Nitric Oxide in the body and provide it with extraordinary health through this Nobel Prize winning technology.

When the body is stressed, injured or sick it needs Nitric Oxide in large amounts to heal.  As an added benefit, Nitric Oxide, with its highly effective anti-infection and antibacterial properties is used by the white blood cells to kill viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other pathogens. Insufficient production of Nitric Oxide can actually slow the body’s own healing process.  Unknowingly we often actually use drugs and herbs (i.e. Anti-inflammatories) that prevent or weaken the amount of Nitric Oxide that the body produces. 
Nitric Oxide is beneficial to all areas of the body, it:
  • Alleviates various forms of pain, arthritis and ailments
  • Improves blood circulation and cardiovascular health
  • Increases endurance levels and performance
  • Improves immune system and combats toxins
  • Encourages bones and wounds to repair
  • Aids the body in healing ulcers fast
  • Decreases post-surgery healing time
For total health, there’s no room for stress, anxiety, or discomfort. Our formulas were developed by putting all the essential pieces together. Our PRO Formulas help to resolve a health issue, our PLUS Supplements help to prevent the reoccurrence of health issues or maintain good health.

Discover Breakthrough Solutions for Extraordinary Health and Performance, Backed by Nobel Prize Winning Technology! The bottom line is simple; Nitric Oxide helps the body to heal in all mammals. There are other products that produce Nitric Oxide but they only produce it for an average of 15 minutes, not enough time for the body to heal.  Our PRO formulas produce Nitric Oxide for 4-6 hrs.

We don’t practice medicine, we practice health.
We have done the research, found the solutions, gotten the results and are excited to share them with you.

We would also love to hear about your experiences.

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We are all about finding and sharing Breakthrough Solutions for Extraordinary Health!

Please give us your questions and feedback below so we can continue to improve our products and service.

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