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Focus, Confidence, a Calm Mind and Increased Willingness

FOCUS Biscuits start with our powerhouse supplement that includes all the clinically proven, beneficial nutrients without artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, synthetic vitamins, high ash or fillers. This powerhouse formula is mixed with Tyrosine to help the horse produce the neurotransmitter Serotonin which gives a calming mental focus without affecting athletic ability or performance. FOCUS Biscuits are for situational usage. During training to help the horse learn better and retain more. During competition to help the horse focus on the job at hand and on YOU.  Biscuits are also helpful during shoeing, trailering, trail rides or anytime the horse becomes anxious or stressed. Biscuits help to take the edge off; focus and calm the mind without dulling the body.

FOCUS Biscuits are available in 2 formulas:

Legal Biscuits ingredients will not test at competitions. Legal Biscuits are clear for blood tests at shows or on the track and are FEI, and USEF Compliant.

  • Often used with “amped” horses, in situations where extreme focus is needed and in adrenalin situations (barrels, roping, and racing).
  • Useful with challenging Stallions or performance horses that need support to calm their minds so they can do their job.
  • Useful when training any horse that learns better with greater focus.
  • Perfect for Equine sports where adrenalin is a factor (roping, barrels, racing etc.)
  • Useful when loading or trailering extremely difficult horses or with extremely rank stallions.

Frequently used by Farriers with young horses; making horses easier and calmer to work with and giving them a quieter experience to remember. This level enhances a relaxed and positive Farrier experience for horses young and old.

Extra Strength Biscuits take the edge off emotionally like the regular Biscuits; in addition they have added Valerian, Skull Cap and St. Johns Wart to and help relax the horse physically. Extra Strength Biscuits will not interfere with athletic ability or speed, and are used frequently with speed horses (barrel, roping, track, jumping) to calm the mind and improve times. Perfect to focus a horse before a specific activity; mentally calms horses, helps them to focus and have a willing attitude. These Biscuits provide just enough “mental calm” to take the edge off horses in training, on the trail, or at shows, helping horses to “pay attention” and focus. Used most frequently by owners and trainers training performance horses, when training flighty horses, or when handing difficult horses.

These Biscuits are used at many competitions but may test if the show requires a blood test.

  FOCUS Biscuit Dosing Instructions:
  • 2-4 Biscuits per dose. Start with 4 Biscuits.  After a few uses reduce to 2 Biscuits. You can give up to 4 bars every 6 hours if needed.  For situational use.

  • Dose 60 minutes before desired results are needed. Effects will last 3-4 hrs.

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